Advanced system of data exchange and process control

in the assembly operations


Versatile Cube is the innovative hardware system with centralized storage born to support

operators throughout the assembly process by assisting them entirely in the operations

required and limiting the possibility of error. Versatile cube is a single block compact system created to ensure that production is performed consistently and smoothly, without interruption.

Versatile Cube does not require expansions, it software additions to both the stand-alone monitoring is tor use on an industrial platform, the same can be used in both ways primary objectives of the system are:

• Correct execution of all operations, minimizing mistakes and rework processes

• Support in the quality contrai process, recall products, changes, and all the estate operations

• Pracess traceability

Versatile Cube fact communicates directly with the main mainframes (SAP, BMN, AS400 etc.) allowing a direct exchange of information from the bili of materials to the production line, multi-level process control:


System Specifications:

• Automatic Backup System

• Cycle result log storage, and system error

• Recording system black-box far all automatic and manual operations

• Communication system client / server TCIP

• Continuous Polling with mainframes to confirm the presence of active communication line

• lntegration with remote assistance 13G / 4Gl

Communication protocols:

• Using the system with any brand of tools brushless or cordless angle torque

• Exclusive and Authorized Use systems with lngersoll – Rand QX series and CC brushless


• Open system far integration and support of specific communication protocols

• FCA platform communication systems integrated


• Readers both traditional bar code thai Bluetooth

• Electronic Torque Wrenches

• Printers

• Badge Readers (integrated standard molar reader) or RFID or Smart TAG

• Management and interfacing line PLC.

• The operations conducted guided systems (HMI) through software integration Right Way

• Sensorized Arms lpositioning system

• Socket tray and bit tray

• Remote Support System

• Any brand of fastening systems



• Log In/ logout operator through, pin code, badge, smart tags

• Password management and multi-level access lo both access that programming

• Error handling: the system prevents errors or the work phases are passed by inhibiting access lo operators and allowing unlocking only to supervisor level.

• Operator presence contrai

• Validation components and assembly steps:

• Direct connection of the system of Di Ba and

dialogue matching components

• taken directly with mainframe

• Dialogue with external systems tor confirmation and size validation or objective


• Correct components and tool selection through the use of:

• lamps and sensors, bar code, I / O, bar code scanning or RFID

Management Attachment System

• Brushless tools contrai and cordless systems

• Each Versatile Cube system can handle multiple fixing systems

• Far each station management:

• Enabling disabling tool

• Selecting programs / p Sep / recipes

• Count screws (gang court)

• Rework Management (maximum attempts)

• OK/ NOK Management

• Storage EOR (data processing)

• lntertacing and management bit tray, socket tray

• lntertacing and encoder management I positioning system / sensorized arms.