Customized Software

Born from the experience gained in over twenty years of market presence and deep knowledge of the specific evolutions that it requires, the Software that Airtechnology has deliberately developed for the specific assembly sector complete the wide range of products offered. In perfect synergy with the most innovative developments linked to industry 4.0 the software that Airtechnology makes available to its partners, program the tools, develop test campaigns, receive results and curves, generate reports and statistics, ensuring complete data traceability .
Four of the software we offer to our customers (see product section), each dedicated to a specific sector, each independent and autonomous for the development of the same. Airtechnology software is independent by type of use and specific database management but in the event that they can be connected and interact with each other should one wish to exploit the different peculiarities.
Airtechnology developing and creating software internally, aware that the needs expressed by customers almost always have different peculiarities between them, offers its customers the ability to customize and adapt each software to specific production needs, not that fully available to analyze any ad hoc development of dedicated software.
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