Gripping and handling equipment

The handling of loads within the assembly line is an operation that is often underestimated both in terms of production and in terms of cycle time, and is often achieved through artisan, coarse and dubious handling and handling systems of dubious safety.
Airtechnology srl, always attentive to the ergonomics of the work station and to all the pick and place phases performed by the operators during the assembly phases, considers these operations an integral part of the production process and proposes a service dedicated to the development of gripping and handling systems specifically designed and manufactured to facilitate operations in complete ergonomics and in total compliance with the safety regulations in force in the workplace.
The gripping and handling systems are in fact realized first of all through a careful analysis of the production process directly in the field to ascertain the daily operations and the allocations of picking and unloading of the pieces and subsequently through a technical analysis: of the piece to be moved, of the points of gripping suitable for the requested movements and the physical movements required by the assembly process by the users. All ergonomic gripping and handling systems are calculated in full compliance with the harmonized standards and FEM 1001 UNI EN 13155 calculation instructions, accompanied by a declaration of conformity to directive 2006/42 / EC and manuals for use and maintenance.