With a view to fully managing its customers and with over 15 years of national maintenance experience, Airtechnology offers its customers a repair service for electric, electronic and cordless pneumatic tools of the main brands on the market.
The operations take place in fact through a careful analysis of the tools and the formulation of specific cost estimates subject to the list values ​​in place for each brand, which only upon acceptance by the customer will generate the tool repair activity.
The tools for which the customer has not considered the repair to be convenient, will be made disassembled in full accordance with the EEC 107143-44 and later directives and normally without any charge to the user, but depending on the complexity and the type of machine inspected it could be requested (in any case specified at the time of formulating the estimate and before taking charge of the tool) the recognition of a standard value to cover the time spent for the analysis and diagnostics of the fault.