PREVO S1 couplings represent the latest generation of pneumatic connection mechanisms. They provide a fully safe response to the most demanding of operator requirements: leak tightness, flow rate, speed of connection and

Safety couplings are installed on air sources, on which connecting air hoses may generate whiplash


Prevo S1 can be used throughout a facility, on both fixed parts (supply to hoses or distribution of compressed air at fixed work stations) and direct connections (tools, blowers, spray guns).
The size of the coupling’s inside diameter depends on the
amount of air required for the application.


Push-button system

for intuitive and natural use. The connection profile is indicated by the colour of the button.

Optimal flow rate

Allows maximum effeciency of pneumatic systems and tools.

Perfect leak tightness

The excellent hold of the tip inside the coupling (contour plug, nitrile seal) ensures an airtight seal.


Avoids risks of contaminating the compressed during operations such as applying paints or varnish. No silicone is used during the manufacturing and assembly process.


The composite body avoids any damage to fragile surfaces (bodywork, furniture, computer hardware, and so on).

Anti-static body

Ensures electrical conduction and avoids risks related to static electricity phenomena.

Sleek design

The design of the Prevo S1 ensures that couplings can be easily and intuitively gripped, making them particularly easy to hold and handle.

Lightweight and compact

The small dimensions and volumes of Prevo S1 couplings
contribute to accurate, fatigue-free work.


The composite body material with tough mechanical characteristics withstands abrasion, impacts, crushing, vibrations and corrosion.

Effortless connection

For changing tools with unbeatable speed and comfort. Swivel body

The body swivels so that the button is accessible in any

International compatibility with all profiles (ISO B, ISO C, 7.2 mm etc.)..


Safety fully built-in

Pressure release mechanism avoids any risk of accidents when ejecting the adaptor on uncoupling. To disconnect, a sincje press on the button instantly releases the downline pressure in the pipe and uncouples the adaptor.

Coupling compliant with ISO 4414 and DIN EN 983 standards to guarantee user protection.

ATEX 94/9/CE classification

The ATEX 2 certification confirms that Prevo S1 is safe to use in most industries (gaseous environments, cereal transfers, paint cabins and so on). Prevo S1 couplings must be considered as components intended to be incorporated into equipment. They do not have any potential ignition source of their own. They may be used in equipment built to meet the following classification:

Group II • Category 2

ATEX group GD • ATEX nature I IB