Choosing the right components for those who design and build semi-automatic or automatic machines for the industry means:
Have highly reliable and durable products
• Have your finaco a flexible company that can also prepare customized solutions
• Take advantage of specialist advice from consultants who have been working in the sector for several years
• Guarantee the perfect functionality of the final solution and full installation support
• Use a reliable and punctual after-sales service
Airtechnology offers a complete range for automatic solutions, complete with all the necessary accessories for fixing and configuration, which can be integrated and adapted to any production requirement. Custom solutions are available on request.


First of all and before anything else it is necessary to have clear the dimensions of the screw that must be automatically fed and the application point in which it must be screwed.
We suggest to follow and complete the specific form for this step
Depending on the length of the screw or the environment, it is therefore necessary (sometimes forced by the dimensions of the screw itself) to select the type of power supply to be used (
1) tilting blade systems for maximum M6 screws with stem length within 25 mm Systems vibro cup for screws with longer and longer dimensions.
The selection of the control box (
2) is important and fundamental for the management of the automatism in applications for automatic use or if there is no control logic integrated in the line or familiar with the PLC systems, two versions are available. for single station management and a more complete one with PROFINET interface possibility of multiple management. The selection of the control box is not necessary for applications of auto systems powered by manual use
The qualitative part of the tightening is normally determined predominantly by the type of motorization that one intends to adopt; it is important, depending on the criticality of the joint and the production rate, to select the correct motorization (
For all automatic and manual applications it is important to define the strokes required for use (automation use) and the type of drive (manual use). (
4) The VT78 slides are equipped with a double-stroke system with pneumatic movement by cylinders, the standard strokes are 50mm for approach and 80 mm for tightening, but variations of the strokes are possible depending on each specific requirement. For applications for manual use, the type of drive required must be selected if, with the self-advancing system (by pressing the start lever of the screwer, the system through an internal piston keeps the screw pressed) or by pressure actuation where the start is generated by the pressure of the operator towards the tightening point.
Finally (
5) the selection of the head is normally a function of the type of screw and of the application point; in the case of automatic stations the selection can be made by selecting the same among those shown in the table with or without screw retention pipe; while for the heads related to plants for manual use this selection is already done by us according to the information received by adopting the head which guarantees the best performance.


– Applicable to all screws with thread from M 1.5 to M 8 mm through standard feeders
– Applicable to all screws with thread over M8 with dedicated power supplies
– Applicable to any automatic or semi-automatic application
– Configurable with different motorizations
– Screw heads for specifically machined screws


• Single slide with double movement configurable in different strokes for each specific need.
• High speed feeder with 30 screws / minute (blade feeder) 25 screws / minute (vibrating cup feeder)
• Increases production efficiency thanks to the elimination of the screw entry phases
• Fully automatic screw preparation cycle (settable through management box)
• Alma tilting system with proven efficiency and durability much quieter than all cup systems on the market
• customized screw receiving head machined according to the screw and the piece to be screwed
• Motorization configurable according to the degree of precision required.