In complete contrast with the electronic technologies and the latest generation torque angle tools, the BAMASON A-SERIES is the actual proof that accuracy and precision are the concrete prerogative of the applied mechanics.
In fact, equipped with the latest generation of mechanical clutches, BAMASON A-SERIES tools are able to ensure reliability and accuracy performances unique in the industry with CM and CMK values ​​greater than 5 and accuracies maintained equal to 10%.
Very low reaction torques and high ergonomics also allow maximum safeguard of the operating comfort for the operators, making BAMASON A-SERIES unique and unparalleled in its sector.
A complete range of tools ensures dedicated solutions in a range between 0.5 and 90 Nm.
Tested among major customers in the main market sectors, BAMASON A-SERIES immediately distinguished itself among the major competitors on the market as a new and innovative alternative in the world of assembly, capable of ensuring what nobody has been able to achieve until now.

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