Born from the analysis of the customers common needs belonging to the most varied market sectors and from the passion for assembly technologies that has always distinguished us, RIGHTWAY is the ideal support for all companies whose goal aims at the highest quality standards and performance in production terms.
Why have major customers approached and adopted RIGHTWAY? Simply because it offers actual and concrete functional advantages. In fact, through the visualization of the process it provides real-time direction to the operator, improves productivity, communicates operations intuitively and allows least experienced operators to quickly learn the work phases.
It provides safe foolproof use.
The tools (up to 8) are in fact selected according to the working phase to be carried out and enabled only in the proximity of the indicated working position. This process, in addition to inhibiting any interpretative errors, ensures and takes care of the maintenance of the quality standard of the working phases and the required tightening.
It can be easily interfaced with 2 or 3-axis sensorized arms.
When interfacing with 2 or 3-axis sensor-controlled arms it ensures direct detection of the correct position in the work sequence while maintaining the highest levels of ergonomics and safety for the operator.
It can be easily integrated into the company software platform allowing customized programming and data exchange.
The RIGHTWAY software is in fact easily customizable allowing the direct exchange of production data while allowing programming, statistics and data analysis.
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