ATA – Active technical assistance

The first step towards maintaining your tool park in full efficiency is a periodic and functional control.
The active technical assistance service (ATA) of Airtechnology is the solution that frees you from the burden of management and timely maintenance planning.
An expert technician will be periodically present with you to verify the correct efficiency of the tools through activities specifically aimed at the management of your tool park, relieving you of any burden relating to the maintenance of schedules, databases, and maintenance operations whether they be internal or external
In the first instance, the service provides for taking over the entire fleet of tools, objectifying it in a single database, taking care to insert it in our TRACEMAKER® software specifically dedicated to the management of maintenance activities and subsequently through the functional control of each tool, signaling any anomalies, malfunctions or maintenance needs to be adopted.
After having carried out a complete first screening and having adopted the appropriate new efficiency activities, the TRACEMAKER® database is updated again and based on the individual efficiency of each workstation, the operating factor of each individual tool is not loaded with the periodic maintenance schedules for each tool, taking care to record and evaluate all the maintenance operations previously carried out.
In the following phases a technician will periodically be present with you punctually to carry out the same checks according to the schedules that the TRACEMAKER® software will propose, taking care to report any anomalies or needs.
The ATA service can be easily customized according to the specific needs of each individual production company, integrating it with maintenance and certification activities directly on site.