Certification and calibration service

Regular calibration of the tool to the desired torque guarantees precision and accuracy in line with international standards. Torque calibration also guarantees that the tool can operate at the maximum declared performance and can help to highlight potential problems before they occur due to wear or breakage of components inside the tool itself.
Through the use of the new calibration bench of its own production and ACCREDIA certificate Airtechnology offers its customers an efficient and punctual calibration service with relief capacities from 1 to 1000 Nm. Three angle pair cells operating both in vertical and horizontal mode together with the use of the latest generation brushless transducers ensure maximum efficiency and absolute precision in surveying. The bench is also equipped with a PC directly connected to the cells, operating with our TRACEMAKER® Software, which is able to manage the entire fleet of tools for each customer, for each assembly line, managing the traceability of the data collected for each individual tool.
The operations can be carried out directly on site on the customer assembly lines to reduce as much as possible production downtime due to the execution of the tests and to carry out realistic tests on the real conditions of use of the tools themselves.