Contract assistance

The importance of certain and well-defined costs for maintenance operations has always been a matter of debate within companies, due to the difficult valuation in terms of expenditure forecasts.
Airtechnology srl, which has been operating in the maintenance sector for over 15 years, offers its customers an ordinary contract maintenance service that is able to standardize certain maintenance costs for the daily use tools on assembly lines year by year.
After a careful analysis of the models that are part of the customer’s tool kit, Airtechnology strives for the formulation of a price list valuing the ordinary maintenance operations of each individual tool, quantifying the necessary value in this regard.
Extraordinary maintenance operations (relating to the breakage of components not subject to functional wear) are instead managed from time to time quantifying their activity through a cost estimate.
In addition to the ordinary maintenance operations, all the operations of certification or calculation of the cm-cmk values ​​and the drafting of the relative certificates can also be subjected to the contract