Custom open and closed hex keys

The open or closed crowfoot represent the necessary accessory for all those tightening operations to be carried out on the points of difficult access.
These accessories, although chosen in a vast customized range, are often made to the customer’s specific needs. In open or closed version, in line or with angular transmission, the open hex keys provide reliability and precision even in the most difficult applications.
For over 15 years Airtechnology has been offering special screw-driving heads in the Italian market, making use of its strong technical capacity and the best specifically dedicated partners.
Airtechnology operates through projects directly realized and consolidated over time, especially in the household appliance sector where it proposes special and specific heads for both manual and robotized use, while for applications dedicated to the MVI world for over 5 years Airtechnology is an active partner and importer. exclusive national of Ekatec GmbH, a leading company in the sector and highly specialized with which it collaborates both in terms of marketing and in terms of outsourcing for the direct production of heads of its own specific design