On-site assistance service

Often maintenance operations require the dispatch of the material to external repair centers, with consequent inconvenience due to the management of the tool sending process; overly the management of turnover often takes place only and only at evident rupture, generating in itself a production stop and urgent repair management.
To avoid the complications of management in this sense, Airtechnology has always offered its customers the opportunity of on-site management of all that series of ordinary and directly manageable maintenance activities.
The presence of the technician directly on the plant, analysis, repairs and tests directly in the field optimize all the phases of the maintenance process. The transparency of the operations carried out and the tariffs applied are determined by the prior sending of the tariff in force for these activities and by the post-processing release of an appropriate maintenance report carried out specifying the activities performed, the number of pieces and the codes of the parts replaced, rather than the actual hours of processing employed.
The management of the on-site service can also be managed through an appropriate maintenance contract aimed at determining cadences, costs and type of activity