In complete contrast with the electronic technologies and the latest generation torque angle tools, the BAMASON A-SERIES is the actual proof that accuracy and precision are the concrete prerogative of the applied mechanics. In fact, equipped with the latest generation of mechanical clutches, BAMASON A-SERIES tools are able to ensure reliability and accuracy performances unique [...]


The new BAMASON BMIS series tools, are unique in the segment for guaranteed accuracy and performance. Certified and approved in the highest quality standards of use in the MVI sector, they offer a complete range from 1 to 450 Nm The latest generation 9-blade engines and the patented mono-bottom plate system ensures the best performance [...]


Born from the analysis of the customers common needs belonging to the most varied market sectors and from the passion for assembly technologies that has always distinguished us, RIGHTWAY is the ideal support for all companies whose goal aims at the highest quality standards and performance in production terms. Why have major customers approached and [...]
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