Software for storing the data and the traceability management



Net Collector is the universal software for managing the traceability of tightening data in the production process.

lt was born from the experience accumulated by Airtechnology over the years with regard to

assembly systems and wants to establish itself as a unique interface that optimizes the traceability process regardless of the source.

Net collector is able to acquire the data in different ways (EOR) from any brushless tightening system on the market, by normalizing the string according to the specific needs of the client.

Net Collector is interfaced on demand with the main data base on the market (Oracle, SQI etc.) either in stand-alone mode or in Web server mode.

Customizations or connections to systems / tools outside of screwing systems, are available on request.


• The universal data management regardless of the

brand of the tightening system

• Standardization input strings according to customer


• Consultation of data required

• Management Data jilters

• lnterfacing with major database based on request

• Web Management on demand server

• Status management-related systems

• Direct display of single connected systems

• Contemporary Direct display of connected systems.