Software for the qualitative tool management



The Trace maker software is an innovative instrument that allows the quality control management of the tools present in the plant.

Trace Maker connected to any pair of reader / certificate measuring instrument, can receive the data of the calibration and generate the calculation of the CM-CMK reports that no calibration is in single station mode in which the web server mode.

Trace maker contextually to the storage of the tools is also able to generate reports and bill-of instruments that need verification through lists according to plani, line or type or experiencing email operators.

Trace Maker also allows quick recall of instrument data through the bar code management, limiting the operator to input data of a o ne-time tool.

Customizations or connections and timetables for implementation of controI instruments outside of

screwing systems are evaluated and implemented on request.


• Single Point Management

• Multiple station management via Web server

• Transducers Management

• Transducer calibration certificates Management

• Cataloging and management tools for the

certification date

• Management bar code tools

• Connect to any type of torque player

• Collection and storage of calibration data tor each

individual tool

• Consulting data interface tor single tool

• Graphical management tool calibration process

• Management report printouts

• Customizing printouts (optional)