Software for guided driving of the tightening process



The Right Way Software can manage the guided conduct of the entire production process step by step, guiding the operator both visually in the various construction phases and at the various assembly points, and in picking the correct tools to be used in the various phases.
In fact, up to 8 different brushless tools can be connected with electronic controllers or torque wrenches, or cordless pair angle tools
Together with the use of sensorized arms, the software allows the assembly process to be objectified, guiding the operator in the correct work phase, according to a predetermined sequence / s, thus avoiding the possibility of omitting one or more fastenings or execution of a process that does not conform to the production process. The Right Way software also allows the use of several tools at the same time and the only tools necessary for the phase being processed are enabled.
The software also allows the autonomous management of images and sequences and the collection of tightening data and can be configured and interfaced to guide operators even in manual picking and assembling phases by connecting with the most modern pick to light systems.
Customizations are possible on request.


• Connection up to a maximum of 8 screwdrivers or electronic torque wrenches
• Simultaneous management of multiple tools in the same work sequence
• Arrangement for interfacing with sensorized arms
• Indication of the tool (s) in use and status
• Creation and management of sequences
• Graphic management of new tightening sequences
• Print management, bar code, badge, password
• EOR data storage
* Management of manual work sequences and interfacing to guided collection systems